Sort out your business dramas away from facebook, find ways round the issues without dragging 99% of facebook into the drama, it's distracting.


Did anyone ever tell you that everything you do is an ever evolving process?

When you leave school, the learning never stops. You are unleashed upon the world, where there are no constraints. No teachers holding you back from expressing yourself.

Don't think the education stops, you get into that mindset then you're screwed.

So tomorrow, go out and watch some videos, go out and read some books and continue to evolve and don't stagnate. Or hey even better go and seek out someone who you look up to and ask them some far reaching questions.

But hey don't get all stalker-ish on them. :-)


The new blogging system looks awesome. Nice job.

Well done to Dave Wood and Sharpe and the programmers for all their efforts :)


Marketing Tip #15 - Chill Out

Marketing Tip #15 – Chill Out

This is the final video in my Marketing Tip series.

Chill out before you burn out.

Watch the video below. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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Peace Out :)


Marketing Tip #14 - Paid Advertising

Marketing Tip #14 – Paid Advertising

As you did your due dilligence before joining your chosen opportunity, do the same for the site you’re deciding to place a paid ad on.

Watch the video below

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Peace Out


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